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Welcome to our development portal

This website present our work around AADL, describing our research projects, giving the list of our publications. We also present case studies we designed during experiments. It provides help to use our AADL toolsuites (RAMSES, AADL-BA-FrontEnd, Ocarina) and other software designed for it (PolyORB-HI, POK, etc.). You'll find useful information to install and use them.

What is AADL ?

AADL stands for "Architecture Analysis & Design Language". The aim of the AADL is to allow the description of Distributed Real-time Embedded (DRE) systems by assembling separately developed blocks. Thus it focuses on the definition of clear block interfaces, and separates the implementations from those interfaces. AADL allows for the description of both software and hardware parts of a system. More information can be found on the AADL web site.

Research at TELECOM ParisTech

TELECOM ParisTech is involved several research projects around AADL. Our research at TELECOM ParisTech is focused on system generation from architectural description. We use the AADL to describe distributed real-time embedded systems and automatically generate code from AADL models.

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