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Learn AADL in a pleasant way

We made a techreport to learn AADL in a pleasant way. It introduces aadl concepts using our code generation facilities. It is made to learn AADL concepts through concrete implementation and understand the differences between the different AADL components.

The tutorial is divided in three parts. In the first part, the reader learns the basics of the AADL (AADL components, encapsulation, properties, etc.). Then, we explain the modeling of communication in AADL and see the impact of non functional requirements (jitter, delays and so on) on system implementation.

The training material, as well as other tutorials are available for download here.


An AADL lab session to illustrate the building of distributed applications. The applications buit in this lab session rely on the PolyORB middleware to perform communication between remote nodes. Two related AADL lab sessions to illustrate the use of AADL in modeling, analyzing and generating high integrity distributed embedded applications. The applications built during these lab sessions rely in the PolyORB-HI-Ada high integrity AADL runtime.

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