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Using PolyORB-HI-C

How to generate models using Ocarina

Invoke ocarina like this ocarina -f -g polyorb_hi_c <list of aadl models>

If you want to use AADL version 2, add the flag -aadlv2.

How to compile code

For PolyORB-HI-C, Ocarina generates a directory for each process. To compile the code, enter in each directory and invoke make.

This command will compile the generated code, the user-defined code and will automatically link object files.

Then, copy the binaries on each node of your system and run the binaries.

It does not compile !

You need the following software on your computer:

  • GCC
  • A libc (like glibc). It is provided by all Linux distributions (for examples libc6-dev on Debian)
  • The POSIX library. It is provided by all Linux distributions
  • Required libraries to compile your user-defined code (for example, if your example use multimedia libraries like SDL, you must have SDL libraries to compile user-level code).
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